Kitting Out My Kitchen


I’ve been in Singapore for two months now and feel like a bit of a failure. I moved with great intentions. My new blog combined with a food-obsessed country should have meant amazing things, such as exciting recipes and engrossing posts about the food culture here. Instead, the last couple of months have been a bureaucratic nightmare of finding an… 

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Makin’ Meatballs [VIDEO]

Check out the efficient "auntie" whipping up meatballs to order at Amoy Street Food Centre in Singapore's Tanjong Pagar neighbourhood.

Asian meatballs are very different from the Italian sort. Asians create their flavourful meatballs from every creature known to man (fish, beef, pork, crab, chicken) and the ideal texture is perfectly smooth and the composition quite dense. However, what really sets them apart and is their ultimate measure of quality is the bounce. When the auntie has… 

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Canadian Food Favourites I’ll Miss, Part 1


Our move to Singapore is less than two weeks away. From a culinary perspective, the thought is thrilling. The food scene there is an incredible melting pot of food traditions, cooking techniques and flavours from all across Asia. My food horizons will expand exponentially. Like many a great dish, however, there’s a tinge of bitterness… 

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Kitchen Fail: Bacon Popcorn


I’m old-school when it comes to popcorn—a stove-top popping traditionalist. My kids wish I would  just buy the microwave stuff. But I just can’t bring myself to ingest that radioactive-yellow substance that coats the kernels and bag. It just seems so unhealthy. So it’s more than a little hypocritical ironic that I found myself drawn to… 

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Baked Salmon Infused with Indian Spices [RECIPE]


It started with a hankering for salmon. So while I was at the market, I picked up a couple of fillets along with some fresh dill and headed home. Then I got another craving. I felt like Indian spices—fennel, coriander seeds and especially cardamom. Thinking that they are often used in rich sauces, I figured… 

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Hawker Kitchen: Making Bak Kut Teh [RECIPE]


It doesn’t sound or even look all that impressive. Bak kut teh (literally “meat bone tea”) is a cloudy pork broth served with a couple of very ordinary-looking ribs. One sip of this soup, however, is enough to tell you it’s no weak-kneed watery broth. It’s deliciously rich and garlicky with a subtle peppery depth of flavour… 

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Portraits from a Hawker Centre

The Maxwell Food Centre in downtown Singapore is as high-profile as hawker centres come. Celebrity chef and world traveller Anthony Bourdain declared the chicken rice at Maxwell to be the island’s very best. When Gordon Ramsay of Hell’s Kitchen fame was preparing for last year’s Hawker Hero’s Challenge, he visited Maxwell to get pointers. And as recently… 

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